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The company was set up by David Lofts and Dr. Stephane Savanah to provide clients with an ethical alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ ICO and STO platforms charging extortionate fees for deploying smart contacts and advising on workarounds for the various regulatory

frameworks that surround the issuance of security tokens.

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David Lofts
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David is a Brand Architect with a background in global consumer & finance marketing who has developed strategy for major corporates and launched Government public flotations, food brands, cars, credit cards and tobacco products across Europe, North America, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

He entered the Blockchain space in early 2017 as a founder of the 21 Million Project, a blockchain TV production company, and then a co-founder in blockchain funding platform Chainstarter, before starting Ethical ICO in May 2018.

He is also CMO of the fully SEC compliant Hedge Fund & OTC Desk Investors of Crypto.  As well as being an accomplished musician, writer & producer, he is currently producing a documentary covering the scandals surrounding the 21 Million ICO. 


David is an altruist, an inspiring public speaker and an outspoken advocate for racial, gender and social equality.

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Dr Stephane Savanah
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During a career spanning 35+ years Stef has worked in a wide variety of business sectors including Government, Health & Education and has 17 years’ experience in financial services.

He has been completely immersed in Blockchain research since 2013. A prolific public speaker and educator, he is also named as co-inventor on over 130 patent applications from his time at nChain – the global leaders in blockchain research and development.

Stef brings with him a wealth of experience in ICO modelling and tokenomics and is an acknowledged expert in the fields of use case and project delivery and holds regular blockchain & tokenomics masterclasses.

He has recently developed OBITO - a proprietary platform to facilitate tokenisation of assets, including FIAT currency, using the Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin SV protocol.  OBITO is seed funded and has passed Proof of Concept to Alpha development. It is now in a Series ‘A’ funding round.


Like many decentralised businesses, Ethical ICO draws on the skills & resources of Associates to deliver quality projects. And we only use the very best talent available in the market. This ensures clients get the best of both worlds. In the interests of Client Care and transparency we do not take referral commissions or add surcharges to our Associates work.

The path to successful digitalisation of the economy and society lies between IT and economics. Constant change remains the only constant.


Nikita is a senior Ethereum Blockchain developer and engineer with vast experience in designing and integrating ERC protocols across a wide range of successful token sales.

When he’s not actively working hands-on to deliver a project or training clients’ in-house teams he can often be found delivering blockchain workshops to organisations like Price Waterhouse Cooper or lecturing students on commercialisation of token offerings at the Zeppelin University in Freidrichstrasen. Nikita is societally focused and sees blockchain as far more than just a payment rail or for cryptocurrency generation and exchange.

As the lead developer for our client, Nikita has worked with the client’s in-house developers to build a unique ecosystem that will democratise the fashion industry.

Nikita Fuchs
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Blockchain can change the World. As long as those deploying projects actually want to make it a better place.


Binod specializes in Ethereum smart contract auditing and testing decentralized applications. As an open source advocate and a passionate developer, he has been actively contributing in the open source space since 2012. He has over a decade-long experience in enterprise software solutions and has developed numerous open source projects like Frapid and MixERP.


Binod brings diligence and authenticity to everything he does and is a champion for transparency, equality and ethics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. He also has something of a reputation as a scam hunter, so fits in perfectly with the Ethical ICO approach to business.

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Binod Nirvan


We work with a range of partners to deliver the very highest standards in everything we do.


From integration of exchange APIs into client platforms to legal & KYC services, advertising and PR delivery, we have sought out partners who are both trustworthy and who deliver to the very high bar we have set in terms of client care.