Clients can choose an end-to-end service or select specific areas of expertise according to need



Whether creating or auditing smart contracts, creating new and unique strategies for businesses to receive funding or building a digital asset exchange on the Bitcoin protocols, our tech capability is full-stack and fully and transparently aligned with client needs.


We provide technology consultancy, blockchain integration, blockchain workshops and masterclasses and a full range of ‘build & manage’ services, and together with partners in the US and Asia can build ‘from scratch’ blockchains to suit any purpose.


Although we have yet to meet a client who actually needed their own blockchain and will always provide best advice to clients considering this as an option.





Through our fully SEC compliant US based hedge fund partners IOCX we are able to offer a full range of receipt and custodial services, using our own highly secure and proprietary software to receive investment or donations in a legal and compliant manner. We are able to accept investment in all top-ten market cap cryptocurrencies as well as USD, EUR and CAD and our software manages KYC and AML processes as part of the whitelisting & receipt process.


Getting the right token structure for both your blockchain and business cases is the very foundation of crypto fundraising. Without good tokenomics the community won’t take your business seriously. Neither will investors.


Ethical ICO Ltd is entirely blockchain and token agnostic and our highly experienced CTO, dev team and associates are able to build, issue and manage token generation events across all potential blockchains, from BitcoinSV to Ethereum and Stellar.


Because every client has different requirements our solutions are created specifically to answer client needs rather than to sell off-the-shelf solutions which fit our preferred model.


We are able to deliver token sales which accept as many as 120 different cryptocurrencies as well as traditional fiat currencies – USD, Euro and GBP.

With over thirty-five years marketing experience working with global brands at board level there is no story we can’t tell, and no vertical market in which our team of partners does not have experience.


Any business that wants to go long-term needs a solid brand. Ethical ICO is part of TruThink - a multi award-winning team of world class brand, communications, technical, data and analytics experts. Creators who have come together to drive a completely new model of integrated business services.


Token Sale marketing is so much more than Bounty and AirDrop programmes. In fact we rarely recommend these tactics; they suck the credibility out of your business.


Instead, our approach is to first make you famous in the media related to your own chosen vertical – the sector in which your business operates, and to leverage that fame with investors and the wider community.


What would you rather say; “As seen in Coin Telegraph” or “As seen in the Financial Times and The Economist”?

Our CEO is on the management board of IOCX; an SEC filed hybrid hedge fund that delivered consistent double-digit growth in the 2018 bear market. The fund’s fully SEC & FinCEN compliant OTC desk gives our clients direct access to a wide range of buyers and sellers that can help to seamlessly and cost effectively liquidate whatever digital assets you end up holding.

We are committed to providing value to clients and commissions and fees for this service are capped at 2% of the total amount converted.

Whether a security, utility, asset-backed, foundation / donation or hybrid of any of the traditional token types we will always strive to deliver a token that is both appropriate to the task which you wish it to perform while remaining compliant to whatever regulation may be in force for your jurisdiction.

We are token agnostic and will never try to persuade a client to issue a token because it is easier or more profitable for us to do so.

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