We are a blockchain consultancy business set up specifically to cater to the needs of ethically run companies wishing to raise legally sourced capital.


We only work with bona fide foundations and businesses who demonstrate a genuine blockchain use case and who are committed to ethical use of funds to deliver their road map.

The company works to a set of ten guiding principles that were developed to provide clients with complete confidence that by choosing us as partners they are reducing both operational and regulatory risk to a minimum.


At the very forefront of our business is client care and clients come to us exclusively through personal recommendation.



LOGOS (λόγος)

PATHOS (Πάτος)

Credibility is everything in business, and whether you’re launching a security, equity, asset-backed or utility token, our role is to build credibility into your token sale.


We engineer your token to communicate character and ethics, to smooth the way to a successful start-up and beyond.

Logos is ‘thought’ or logic – we work  with clients to ensure their proposition is both logical and well thought through. 


From tokenomics to your overall business case, our team is on hand to build a pitch that will gain the attention of both corporate and institutional investors as well as the wider community.

You’re passionate about your business or idea. We’re passionate about helping ethical and social impact businesses to thrive. But it doesn’t stop there.


Because we also provide moving, effective marketing communication and bespoke, inspirational pitch and presentation training to make sure that when you tell your story to investors, it makes an impact that gets you noticed.